KSI claims $10k of Amazon vouchers were taken by YouTube employee checking his video

KSI Astrid WettYouTube: JJ Olatunji

British rapper, YouTuber and entrepreneur KSI has claimed that over $10,000 in Amazon vouchers were mysteriously claimed ahead of a private video’s publication, fuelling speculation that a YouTube employee may have redeemed them.

KSI’s non-YouTube ventures have been wildly successful, from his music to Misfits boxing to PRIME Hydration, founded alongside once nemesis Logan Paul.

Plenty of KSI fans have also remained grateful that the superstar has not left YouTube behind, still regularly uploading to the platform on which he made his name.

However, a ‘Try Not to Laugh’ video planned for 26 November was delayed and shrouded in controversy after $10,000 worth of Amazon gift cards were mysteriously redeemed ahead of the video’s publication.

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As a result, KSI explained that he suspects a YouTube employee to have taken them, stating that the only people who saw the video ahead of its publication were himself, his editor Mo and a YouTube staff member who “checked” the video.

He said: “Well…No point trying to collect the gift cards in the latest TNTL. It’s been claimed before the video is even out. It’s not me, it’s not Mo, the only person that’s watched the video is someone at YouTube to check whether the video should be demonetised or not.”

Attached to the tweet was a screenshot of JJ’s email account, showing a number of Amazon Gift Cards being redeemed.

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In a follow up tweet, KSI explained that he’s determined to get to the bottom of it, saying whoever took the codes made over $10,000.

“Imma find out who the person that works for YouTube is,” he said, “cos this ain’t it. Bro just made 10K+ in Amazon gift cards.”

His editor, Mo Syed, responded similarly: “Video was supposed to be out today. But we delayed it til tomorrow coz of timings, so listed privately on Youtube. Next thing you know, CODES being claimed whilst video was “manually” checked by Youtube.”

At the time of writing, YouTube have not responded to the allegations, nor has a resolution been forthcoming.

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The video was published early on November 27 instead.

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