KSI gives brutal response to Logan Paul’s “Maverick” documentary

Virginia Glaze

YouTube stars Logan Paul and KSI are set to touch gloves in the net’s most anticipated boxing rematch in just seven days – and Paul is capitalizing on the hype with yet another documentary.

Released on November 2, Paul’s “The Maverick” film takes viewers through his Ohio childhood and past controversies, weaving a compelling tale that explains how boxing seemingly turned the YouTuber’s life around.

While Paul’s fans seem to love the soul-baring documentary, others are not as impressed with the forty-minute feature – including his rival, KSI.

KSI responded to the video in a brutal Tweet on the same day, commenting on its thumbnail photo that closely resembles Marvel’s “Thanos Snap” disintegration effect.

“Even you know you’re about to disappear,” KSI wrote of the video.

Paul clapped back at his comments in kind, writing, “Who wants to tell him it’s about last year” – pointing out the fact that KSI likely didn’t watch the documentary.

This wouldn’t be the first time the two have bandied words ahead of their rematch, either: KSI had an incredulous reaction to Paul’s “Forty Days” video hitting the number one spot on YouTube’s Trending page several days prior, despite his own video having more views.

In fact, KSI’s own video sat at second place with over 2.9 million views – a stark contrast to Paul’s 1.5 million view mark, which caused understandable confusion from the UK creator.

“How does Logan got more views than me?” KSI queried: a sentiment echoed by many fans, some of whom accused YouTube of favoritism in preparation for their upcoming bout.

Thus far, Logan’s latest documentary has yet to hit the Trending page, at all – but with just a week left until they finally settle their grudge, KSI’s insult comes as a well-timed jab to heat up their long-standing rivalry ahead of the main event.

KSI, TwitterThe KSI vs Logan Paul 2 rematch will take place on November 9 at the Los Angeles Staples Center.

Foregoing headgear and opting for heavier gloves, KSI vs Logan Paul 2 marks YouTube’s first-ever pro boxing match, and with other pros taking part in the undercard, this fight promises to be the biggest internet event of the year.

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