KSI bashes Jake Paul for avoiding him by taking easier fights

KSI talking to camera in sunglasses and pink bandanaYouTube: Boxing Social

YouTube star KSI has taken a dig at Jake Paul for taking ‘easy’ fights that he “knows” he’s going to win instead of fighting his longtime rival. 

The beef between KSI and Jake Paul has been going on for years at this point. What started out as a rivalry over YouTube videos has progressed into constant back-and-forth jabs about their boxing skills. 

Fans have been eager to see the YouTube stars settle their score once and for all in the ring, but, to this point, they’ve avoided each other despite seemingly being on a collision course at one point. 

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Even though they ‘agreed’ to fight in 2023, both parties have tempered expectations a bit on that front. Jake believes KSI is only using the prospect of a super fight to “hype” his other fights while KSI isn’t sure Jake will make the trip across the Atlantic to take him on. 

KSI hits out at Jake Paul for taking easy boxing matchups

The British YouTube star got to grace the cover of Men’s Health UK for November and, naturally, spoke about his boxing endeavor. And, of course, the topic of a fight with Jake came up. 

KSI wants the fight to happen – his manager has even guaranteed that everything is fine on their side for a clash in 2023 – but he doesn’t believe Jake wants to actually fight him. 

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“He just wants to fight people that he knows he’s going to beat,” he told the fitness magazine. “He’s not that great. I like the illusion people think he’s way better than me.”

Jake paul and ksi faceoffYouTube: DAZN Boxing
Jake Paul and KSI notably had a tense face to face confrontation after Jake’s victory over AnEsonGib in early 2020. The two still have yet to face off, though.

Handpicking fights has long been a criticism of modern boxers, not just Jake, as many fans constantly voice their anger at super fights being avoided just so fighters can maintain their record. 

At this point, everyone is eager to see the pair square off inside the ring, but who knows if it will actually happen. It could just be kicked further down the road and never even happen.

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