KSI camp ‘guarantees’ Jake Paul super fight will happen soon

KSI and Jake Paul sitting down talking to cameraYouTube: KSI/Jake Paul

KSI’s manager has ‘guaranteed’ that the YouTube super fight between him and Jake Paul will take place in 2023 as fans eagerly await the clash. 

Even though YouTubers have been trying to prove their boxing skills against pro fighters, there’s only one fight that still matters to a lot of fans – Jake Paul vs KSI. 

The pair have been embroiled in a long-time feud and have been on a collision course to fight for a few years, but it hasn’t happened to this point. Why? Well, they’ve gone in different directions a bit – with KSI taking a break from fighting and Jake racking up a 5-0 record. 

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With KSI getting back into the boxing game, it’s brought back the possibility that they might fight in the coming months. The two internet superstars have even ‘agreed’ to a fight at Wembley, but have tempered expectations a bit since that exchange.

KSI manager ‘guarantees’ Jake Paul fight happens in 2023

Now, KSI’s manager – Mams Taylor – has guaranteed that the pair will clash in 2023, unless something really goes awry. 

 “2023, as long as there’s no f**kery on the contracts, 2023 that fight will happen,” Taylor told Christian HD prior to the Misfits & DAZN X Series clash between Jay Swingler and Cherdleys

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“Guaranteed as much as you can guarantee. I can guarantee from our side, yes,” KSI’s manager added. 

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As noted, while KSI and Jake have both said they’ll do the fight, they’ve both backtracked a little. On KSI’s side, he believes he’s got to get a few more wins under his belt before he can test himself against Jake. 

On Jake’s side of things, he believes that KSI is only keeping the possibility open to build hype for his other fights. ‘The Problem Child’ is also targeting a fight with Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez before long too, which could disrupt that.

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There is certainly plenty of interest around the fight, but who knows if it will actually happen after all this time.

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