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KSI and Logan Paul Exchange Threats via Text Message Ahead of Boxing Match

Published: 25/Aug/2018 9:21

by Calum Patterson


Despite both fighters saying the time for words is over, KSI and Logan Paul are still taking digs at each other – even in private, as Logan sends KSI a threatening text message.

The two YouTube stars will go head to head in the ring on August 25, live in front of thousands in the Manchester Arena and millions watching the stream online, in a contest for ultimate bragging rights.

KSI called both Logan and his brother Jake out after defeating another YouTuber, Joe Weller, in the ring last year. Since then, the two have built up a lot of animosity towards one another.

Constant insults have gone back and forth, all filmed or well documented on social media, plus diss tracks directed at their opponent, but even in private, Logan is trying to intimidate KSI.

Sending a text message telling KSI how much more he trains, and how much more prepared he is, Logan is clearly trying to win the mental game before a punch is thrown.

“You spar 2x a week. We spar 5x a week. You train 4 days a week. We train 6 days a week. Twice a day. You’re about to find out why I’m the better boxer, athlete, and man.”

KSI simply responded by once again bringing up Logan’s partner Chloe Bennet – whom he wore a face mask of while doing his weigh in on August 24, and a topic which has previously riled up Logan.


After responding to him, KSI tweeted out the above text message exchange, in case Logan had blocked him.


Shortly after tweeting out the text messages, KSI also posted that he hopes the referee will allow for knockdowns, rather than doing standing counts.

He will hope this Tweet doesn’t come back to haunt him, should the fight not go in his favor.


The boxing match will be broadcast live on YouTube as a pay-per-view event, on the official KSI vs Logan Paul channel.

It will cost you £7.50 ($10) to get access, but also includes all eight undercard bouts – one of which is the fight between KSI’s younger brother Deji and Logan’s brother Jake.

The main fight is expected to begin between 8 and 9pm BST (3pm EST, 12pm PST). The first fight is at 5:30pm BST (12:30pm EST, 9:30am PST).


Dream responds to #dreamwaswrong trending on Twitter

Published: 22/Jan/2021 21:53

by Theo Salaun


YouTuber and Minecraft content creator Dream has finally responded to the #dreamwaswrong trend on Twitter, using his DreamWasTaken account to assert he disavows the behavior displayed by some of his fans.

Dream and his cohorts, including known creators like Tommyinnit and GeorgeNotFound, are incredibly popular on YouTube and beyond thanks to an infinitum of Dream Team videos and the Dream SMP server.

While that level of fame means possibility for mainstream collaboration with the likes of superstar TikTok influencer Addison Rae, it also comes with downsides. Notably, #dreamwaswrong began trending on Twitter as fans blamed Dream for encouraging his stans, some of whom are prone to producing inappropriate fan art involving minors.

As critics explain, Dream’s love for his fans supposedly equates to egging on the ways they express their fandom — thereby supporting the production of “CP.” In response, he explained: “I’ve said this before but don’t ship creators that are uncomfortable with it, and especially not minors. It’s disgusting to draw NSFW stuff about minors or anyone that hasn’t explicitly said it’s fine.”

After addressing the drama directly, by reaffirming that “NSFW stuff about minors” is distasteful, Dream continued on to explain why it’s unfair to misgeneralize his role in the production of such content.

In a follow-up tweet aimed at defending his support for his fans, the Minecraft YouTuber said, “With 16 million subscribers that’s 1 out of every 480 people IN THE WORLD that are subscribed. There’s bound to be thousands of terrible people, but there’s also bound to be millions of great ones. If you’re looking for hate or disgusting stuff, you’ll find it. Stop looking.”

As he shows, boasting 16 million subscribers on YouTube means that “out of every 480 people in the world,” at least one is a fan of Dream’s content. That is an enormous quantity of supporters, and it should not be surprising that there are “thousands of terrible people” within the millions of fans.

This sentiment appears to be echoed by his fans — as many have resurfaced earlier videos showing that the content creator has never specifically encouraged the creation of relationship fanfiction or “CP.”

It remains unclear how satisfied people are with Dream’s response, but the overall sentiment appears to be positive. While it feels unreasonable to expect a creator to be wholly responsible for the actions of their audience, this incident does provide a cautionary tale.

Considering this “disgusting” group of Dream’s stans, the prevailing community critique remains: If you are an influencer, you have some obligation to directly and quickly curtail negative behavior by those you influence.