Korean streamer HAchubby reveals what her family thinks of her Twitch career - Dexerto

Korean streamer HAchubby reveals what her family thinks of her Twitch career

Published: 3/Oct/2019 8:06 Updated: 3/Oct/2019 8:33

by Matt Porter


It’s easy to forget that Twitch streamers have families who likely don’t understand what it is exactly what they do for a living, and Korean streamer HAchubby shared a hilarious anecdote about her uncle, and what he thinks of her broadcasts.

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The Korean has become one of the platform’s fastest rising stars, with thousands tuning in to watch her hilarious interactions and funny moments with customers in the convenience store in which she works part-time, or her reactions to viral clips and topics.

While HAchubby has an army of dedicated viewers online, it seems not everyone is a fan of her content, as she shared an amusing story about her uncle during her October 2 stream.


Instagram: HAchubbyHAchubby has become a fan-favorite on Twitch.
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While visiting New York City following her trip to TwitchCon in San Diego, California, the streamer stopped to get a juice drink, and while sitting in the store, she decided to share the story of the time that her uncle asked to see her channel.

HAchubby explained how she downloaded the Twitch application on her uncle’s phone, with him explaining to her how he wanted to “watch her stream,” and asked her to find her Twitch channel.

With the app downloaded, the Korean showed a number of her top clips and told him about how she was going to TwitchCon. After watching a few, and skipping past most of them, he quickly deleted the Twitch app, choosing not to look at any more of HAchubby’s content.


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While HAchubby’s uncle doesn’t appear to be a big fan of her content based on his reaction in her story, the Korean has clearly resonated with viewers on the Amazon-owned streaming platform, seeing incredible growth in the year in which she has been on the platform.

HAchubby only joined the platform back in 2018, but currently boasts over 100,000 followers on the site, although she has already confirmed that despite her major success, she has no intention of packing in her part-time job any time soon.