Korean streamer criticizes Invadervie with mocking imitation

Virginia Glaze

Twitch star “Invadervie” is known for her popular “Just Chatting” streams, where she sits in front of the camera and banters with her audience — but this style of broadcasting drew an unexpected imitation from a fellow streamer.

Invadervie skyrocketed to Twitch fame in 2019 during her first month on the platform, and has since become a major name in the online streaming world.

The style of Vie’s broadcasts sees her lounging back on a cushion-filled chair, where she answers questions from her viewers and discusses various topics with them.

Invadervie is a popular face on Twitch, best known for her “Just Chatting” broadcasts.

However, Korean streamer “bubbly_live” seemed to take issue with the way she positioned her body in full view of the camera, and decided to imitate her pose as a means of poking fun at the broadcaster.

“I gotta sit down like… I shouldn’t sit down like this,” she began, noting how Vie wasn’t sitting in a chair normally, but rather laid back against her cushions. “Maybe this is even better,” she continued, putting her feet up on her desk.

A look into the setup of Invadervie’s average streams.

That wasn’t the end of her imitation, either: bubbly went on to give a shallow wave with her foot, mocking the Vie’s conversations with her viewers as she pushed her chair backward.

“Hi guys!” she greeted. “So… oh yeah, you wanna see my whole body? So, uh, send me more links!”

Bubbly went on to scour Vie’s “about” section on her Twitch channel, apparently surprised at the streamer’s age (29) and past occupation as a Disney Princess actress for the franchise’s theme parks.

“How do girls stream like this?” Bubbly asked as she browsed through Invadervie’s Instagram feed. “…that’s how you be famous on Twitch. D*mn. If I had the thighs, guys. …it’s probably f**king photoshopped.”

This wouldn’t be the first time another female broadcaster offered their take on Invadervie, either: Twitch star “Pokimane” likewise commented on the streamer’s heated rant against a rude viewer, claiming that the fan who’d made a comment about “Twitch thots” “does not give a sh*t.”

Whether you love her or hate her, there’s no denying that Invadervie continues to exist as one of Twitch’s top entertainers, thanks to the slew of unique moments that crop up during her broadcasts.

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