Korean Kick streamer jump scared as stranger opens toilet door

Meera Jacka
Korean Kick streamer jump scared as stranger opens toilet door

A Korean Kick streamer has inadvertently shared with his audience the shocking moment a stranger walked in on the streamer using a public restroom.

Korean Kick streamer ‘Hyubsama’ is no stranger to making the front page of the ever-popular Livestream Fail subreddit. However, the reasons behind his headlines are usually packed with controversy.

He was previously banned from Twitch after drunkenly chasing and harassing a fellow streamer, moving his content to Kick instead.

Now the content creator has run into trouble again — though luckily, in a far lighter sense.


While using a public restroom, Hyub was jump scared when a stranger managed to open the door. He just so happened to be streaming at the time, filming the entire encounter.

“What the f***,” Hyub can be heard shouting in the stream, out of sight from viewers. “It’s supposed to be closed!”

Stranger walks in on Hyubsama
The stranger quickly closed the door as soon as he noticed the toilet was taken.

The stranger seemed equally distressed by the situation, profusely apologizing as he quickly closed the door once more.

“Sorry sir, sorry sir,” the man repeated. “I’m so sorry.”

Despite Hyubsama’s initial shock, it seems there are no hard feelings over the ordeal. “Ok, ok. I forgive you,” the streamer ultimately said.

Despite the initial shock, Hyubsama forgave the unsuspecting stranger.

Viewers were quick to share their amusement at the streamer’s unfortunate situation, with Hyubsama’s chat overrun by laughing emojis.

“Called it,” one fan commented.

“Oop, the way he jumped,” another said, referring to the stranger’s own surprised reaction to finding the toilet already occupied.

It is unknown what caused the door’s lock to fail, though it seems Hyubsama might be a little more cautious using public restrooms in the future.

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