Twitch streamer terrified after drunk streamer chases and harasses her

crazy_japanese chased by drunk streamer

A Twitch streamer’s late-night IRL broadcast devolved into a concerning series of events as the female streamer was chased down the streets of Shibuya by a drunk man.

Crazy_japanese is a partnered Twitch streamer and Professional Japanese language teacher. She streams a variety of IRL content to her 33.8k followers ranging from exploring Japan to cooking with fellow streamers.

Recently, crazy_japanese has collaborated with Korean streamer Hyubsama. These streams have consisted of the two, along with other streamers, visiting hotels and cooking elaborate meals.

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On January 23, the two streamers visited a bar together where he began to drink alcohol. Crazy’s stream ended shortly after a seemingly intoxicated Hyubsama continued to harass and chase her.

Crazy_japanese harassed by drunk Twitch streamer

During an IRL stream, crazy_japanese visited a bar in Shibuya, Japan with streamers Hyubsama and Tonchan. While at a bar, Hyubsama grew more intoxicated as the stream went on. During which, he began touching and pulling her. These actions continued despite her telling Hyubsama to stop a number of times.

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Viewers uploaded clips from the now-deleted stream to Livestreamfails and Streamable. The clips show crazy_japanese running up steps with Hyubsama trailing close behind. “What the f*ck are you doing? Why?” he shouted as he chased her out of the bar.

“You’re out of control,” she replied, “You are so drunk.” This was followed by Crazy telling Hyubsama to stop multiple times. “Hyub, don’t touch. Stop. This is going to break TOS,” she continued as he followed her.

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The female streamer told him that he’s crazy and seemingly left him at the entrance of the bar. But moments later, he’s seen behind her once again. She continued to tell him to stop chasing her and to leave, which he eventually did.

Hyubsama responds to “drama”

hyubsama cries and apologizesHyubsama (Twitch)
An intoxicated Hyubsama on his hands and knees responding to the situation on his own stream.

Crazy_japanese ended the stream and then started streaming again once she made it home. However, the distraught streamer began to cry in her room and explained to her chat how Hyubsama made her feel “unsafe” and “disrespected.”

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Hyubsama also started streaming on his channel around this same time. A member of his chat called him out for his actions, and he responded, “Don’t bring here drama. What the f*ck did I do?”

He continued by stating, “I’m really sorry. It’s okay. I don’t feel anything about this, honestly. I’m sorry if I did something wrong.” He began crying and laughing simultaneously while apologizing for “possibly making her feel uncomfortable.”

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crazy japanese crying on streamcrazy_japanese (Twitch)
crazy_japanese cried in her room as she explained her feelings during the situation.

At her house, crazy_japanese reflected on the situation. “I feel so stupid. What am I doing? My content is not about risking my life. My content is about traveling and education. So, let’s focus on that.”

This isn’t the first time female streamers have been chased by drunk men in Tokyo. In August 2021, streamer Sushipotato was chased by a drunk shirtless man accusing her of stealing his iPhone.

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