Kkatamina’s record-breaking Twitch subathon finally ends

Kkatamina on Instagram.Instagram: kkatamina

Kim ‘kkatamina’ Mi-young’s record-breaking Twitch subathon has finally come to an end, two weeks after the rising star set out on what eventually became one of the most famous streams in the platform’s history.

The 26-year-old’s record-setting Twitch broadcast wrapped up on November 22, after the streamer spent 14 consecutive days live in a lengthy subathon.

The event stream began on November 10 as a way for Kkatamina to celebrate her birthday and a year of streaming on Twitch. The subathon ⁠— which she promised would be her “first and last” ⁠— soon transcended any of the streamer’s original plans, however, as Mi-young powered into the Twitch history books.

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Kkatamina now sits third in current subscribers count with her 73,618 haul, behind top platform leader xQc (80k) and cult-fave D&D show Critical Role (76.8k), and a lofty tenth in Twitch’s all-time list.

In the end, the star raked in more than $360,000 in subs.

“Thanks for having me,” the Twitch star said after her subathon timer hit 0:00. “This has been the greatest two weeks of my life… holy. This is it. Thank you, guys.”

The biggest moment of the 14-day subathon came on November 18, when Kkatamina climbed past 53,000 subscribers. The huge sub-count, which Mi-young would eventually beat by a further 20,000 subscribers, marked the biggest haul by any female streamer ever.

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“We broke it, I think we broke it!” she said after hitting — or rather, blasting past — the milestone. “Oh my god guys, this felt impossible. How did we do this? Oh my god, this is so crazy. Actually just crazy. We did it!”

Kkatamina eclipsed the previous record of 52,992, set by DJ Sintica in September 2021, to claim her own slice of history on the Amazon-owned website.

“Thank you guys for everything, seriously,” Kkatamina said before finally ending her stream in the late hours of November 22.

“I don’t have a speech prepared or anything,” she added with a laugh. “I don’t really know what to say. I’m just super appreciative of everyone, so thank you. That’s it from me… maybe see you guys next stream? It’s so sad, I didn’t think I’d be this sad when it was over, but I’m pretty dang sad.”

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The star’s huge subathon crowns an immense first year on Twitch, where she now boasts over 444,000 followers and several lofty records to boot.