Kevin Hart & The Rock go viral with attempt at TikTok’s ‘Tortilla Slap Challenge’

Georgina Smith
Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart doing the Tortilla Slap challenge

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson & Kevin Hart have garnered 50 million views for their hilarious attempt at TikTok’s viral ‘Tortilla Slap Challenge,’ with fans loving the duo’s take on the wildly popular trend.

There are plenty of challenges that have gone viral on TikTok over the years, and one that was particularly popular in June was the ‘Tortilla Slap Challenge’ or simply the ‘Tortilla Challenge.’

In this simple game, the players must fill their mouths with water, and then take turns slapping each other in the face with tortillas. The aim is to not spill any water, either from the force of the slap or from laughing.

The viral challenge led to plenty of hilarious videos across the platform, and the latest people to give the trend a try were Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and Kevin Hart, while promoting their new movie ‘DC League of Super-Pets.’

The two stars didn’t hold back with the force of their tortilla slaps, with Dwayne saying to Kevin at the end of the video, “you slapped the sh*t out of me by the way on that first one, you almost busted my eardrum.”

Fans absolutely loved the hilarious attempt at the viral challenge, with viewers leaving thousands of comments about how much they love the duo. “These two together is the best thing to happen to any of us I don’t care what anyone says,” one commenter wrote.

“I started laughing before they even slapped each other!” said another.

At the time of writing, the video on The Rock’s TikTok account already has over 10 million likes and 50 million views, and it looks like it’s only set to rack up more as it spreads to For You Pages across the world.