Keith Lee responds to claims he stole disguise idea from TV producer

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Keith Lee Gylli Willi

Popular TikTok food critic Keith Lee has responded to claims that he stole the idea to use a disguise when picking up food from a TV producer that approached him in the past.

Over the last few months, Keith Lee has taken TikTok by storm with his reviews of food from restaurants around Las Vegas, where he resides.

Focusing on “struggling” restaurants around the area, his videos have boosted the business of many local food stops in Las Vegas, with his most viral so far being Frankenson’s Pizza.

In his most recent video, Keith has responded to claims that he stole the idea to use a disguise when picking up food from a TV producer that approached him with the idea last year.

TV Producer claims unnamed food critic “stole” her idea

On January 22, A TikToker by the name ‘GylliWilli’ posted a video saying that she is a freelance TV producer that approached an unnamed content creator with a TV show idea. They said no, but “stole” the idea and are allegedly doing it anyway.

GylliWilli posted the hashtag #FoodCriticAndThief in the description, and fans quickly began questioning whether she was talking about Keith.

Keith Lee responds to GylliWilli video

Keith Lee responded the next day, clearing the air regarding the situation.

“There’s some unnamed controversy going around and I keep getting brought up, and I had an interaction with the person that made this video so let’s talk about it,” he said before showing a clip of the original video.

“As an Emmy award-winning producer, I would assume you know how dangerous labels — especially false labels — can be in the industry or in life in general[…] For me personally, that is extremely detrimental and I don’t like that. I don’t play with that.”

He went on to explain that he replied to her after she left a comment on one of his videos, and revealed he had several other meetings before and after his meeting with her that all pitched the same idea.

The pitch involved Keith dressing up in a disguise, going to pick up his food, and reviewing it just like he has been.

He added: “I had anywhere between two million and three million followers at the time she reached out to me, of course, I wasn’t in disguise at that point. I personally was able to walk into restaurants and be treated the exact same, because not a lot of restaurants recognized me.

Now, with 9.6 million followers it’s almost impossible, that’s why I [started] going into disguise.”

Keith also made it clear that he’s also using it as a way to show how talented his sister is in regard to making his disguises, and hopes she might get the ability to do it full-time one day.

He finished off his video by making it clear he didn’t start using a disguise because of his interaction with the TikToker and that he doesn’t appreciate her accusations.

GylliWilli claims video wasn’t about Keith Lee

GylliWilli responded to Keith’s video on January 24, making it clear she’s not going to apologize for being frustrated and that she might “fight” for her idea, but that her video wasn’t about Keith in the first place.

The TikToker claims that her pitch to Keith Lee was just using his original content in a TV show format and that there was nothing for him to “steal,” and now followers of his have begun leaving hateful comments on her videos.

Keith makes it clear in every video that he doesn’t want to promote hate or have anyone leave hateful comments toward other creators or restaurants.

He has yet to respond to her latest video, but we’ll be sure to update this article when he does.

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