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More Non-Skippable Ads are Coming to Youtube

Published: 29/Aug/2018 18:51

by Virginia Glaze


YouTube’s Creator Insider channel explained why new changes are coming to the platform in regards to advertisements.

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YouTube is known for having both skippable and non-skippable ads, which play just before a video begins.

A video on YouTube’s Creator Insider channel broke down two big changes that will soon be implemented for the non-skippable sort.

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The first change coming to non-skippable ads is a maximum length, now capped at a total of 15-20 seconds.

The second upcoming change will likely increase the amount of non-skippable ads seen across the platform, as the option to implement this type of advertisement will be available for all creators affiliated with YouTube’s Partner Program.


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Creators are more likely to implement this kind of advertisement due to their higher value. Since advertisers are willing to pay more for non-skippable ads, creators will earn more revenue by using them, meaning a bigger payout per video.

“Non-Skippable ads tend to make a little bit more money than skippable ads, because generally advertisers are willing to pay a bit more for them.”

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However, this change isn’t solely available for new videos – both non-skippable and skippable ads will be implemented for creators’ older uploads, provided that they are already monetized.

YouTube’s creator for advertisement monetization stated that the company feels the change will be a positive one for creators and viewers alike.


“We think, for most creators, it’s gonna be a really good thing… everything is going to be really positive for creators.”

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The video stated that the changes would be rolled out in a week’s time – with the upload date being August 23rd, viewers could be seeing more non-skippable ads very soon.