Karl Jacobs responds after coming under fire for supporting Ice Poseidon

Karl Jacobs responds on TwitchTwitch: karljacobs

Twitch streamer Karl Jacobs has responded to backlash after fans criticized him for publicly associating with streamer Ice Poseidon.

Karl Jacobs initially rose to internet fame as part of MrBeast’s videos, but he’s since gone on to become well-known as a streamer in his own right, and his participation in the Dream SMP streams has also contributed to his new following.

However, the streamer is currently facing backlash for associating with Ice Poseidon, a streamer who has been accused of racism in the past.

People uploaded old clips of Karl ‘stream sniping’ Ice Poseidon, also claiming that he still follows him on Twitter.

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Following the backlash, which was trending on Twitter at some points, Karl went live on Twitch to address the criticism on April 29.

“There’s threads going out there that I’ve associated with a streamer, a prominent streamer, that is currently known for a lot of bad stuff, like racism, any phobia you could think of,” he said.

“I just want to make it clear, a million percent I don’t condone anything they’ve done,” adding, “I guess I did actively support bad content creators at one point and I’m sorry.”

Karl went onto say: “I do want to address really quick, there’s chat logs of me coming out saying that I’ve recently been in the streamer that they’re talking about’s chat spamming TriHard 7, stuff like that. I just want to make it clear that I’ve never used TriHard in a way that’s meant to be racist.”

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He also clarified that a ‘big nose’ joke he made was not intended to be anti-semitic, saying: “I think people associated that with anti-semitism, but in reality, in early Twitch the meme was like Ice Poseidon had a big nose. So people made fun of him for having a big nose. I wasn’t coming towards anti-semitism if that makes sense, or anything racially charged at all.”

He finished by apologizing for offending anybody, and said it ‘genuinely wasn’t [his] intention.’

Some time later, Jacobs published a Twitlonger post further clarifying the situation, explaining how he’d ended up on Poseidon’s stream back in the day and once again apologizing to his fans for appearing with a streamer who “made very controversial, offensive, and all types of content that I absolutely don’t support.”

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“I promise to show change beyond just exclaiming that I won’t let things like this happen again, because I want everyone to feel comfortable being a part of this community, as you all do genuinely mean a lot to me,” Jacobs wrote. “Love you guys, thank you for hearing me out, I am genuinely sorry.”