Walmart customer confronts worker for “doing their job”

Lauren Lewis
Walmart Storefront

A woman confronted a Walmart worker in a viral TikTok video, for checking her receipt just before they left the store. People weighed in. 

We’ve seen a lot of confrontation between Walmart employees and customers in the past. In December, a woman asked an employee if she could come to their Christmas party after scanning their own items and bagging their own groceries.

Now, in a video that’s gained over 4 million views on the platform, a customer confronted a Walmart employee who wanted to check her receipt.

They stopped her just before she left, and she wasn’t taking any of it: “No, you can’t… You not gone harass me about no $3 thing of water. I got all these groceries in a sec.

“You think I’m stealing some $3 water?… You can’t check my receipt.”

The employee informs her that they’re just doing their job, but that doesn’t stop her, as she responds: “No, I’m doing your job. See, they need to have you on the register.

“Y’all got Grandmama sitting on that register with 15 people behind it and nobody is checking. Don’t bother me today.”

TikTok weighs in on woman confronting Walmart worker

After the video was posted on the platform, people couldn’t wait to share their opinions on the matter. Many supported her, writing: “The ‘no, I’m doing your job’ was such a great line.”

“Said that with class, calmness & grace,” another wrote. 

“Exactly! I just say ‘No thank you!’ And keep walking. I’m not about to bag my own stuff and then stand in line waiting to check receipts,” one user agreed. 

Some Walmart employees even weighed in, writing: “I literally work for Walmart and in our TRAINING, it states if the customer says ‘no’ to us seeing the receipt. We just smile and say have a nice day.”

Some were wholly confused about the situation, stating: “My Walmart actually has the audacity to offer a “no receipt” option at the self-checkout. What then?”

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