Taco Bell manager calls cops on customer threatening to sue over “crap” food

Michael Gwilliam
man threatens to sue taco bellTikTok/sarah_conner1

A fast food frenzy is going viral after a furious Taco Bell customer threatened to sue the store for refusing to refund his “crap” food.

Disturbances breaking out at restaurants have become quite a common occurrence on social media now that everyone and their mother has a phone to record the drama.

That’s exactly what happened at a store in West Virginia when two customers freaked out over how his food was packed and began demanding a refund.

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While this normally likely wouldn’t be a problem, both the Taco Bell staff and the customer were immediately at odds with each other resulting in a pretty nasty exchange between all the parties involved and it’s going viral with over 700,000 views so far.

Taco Bell customer threatens to sue over ‘crap” food

In a clip uploaded by TikTok account ‘sarah_conner1,’ a man and a woman began to argue with Taco Bell staff after seeing how their food was all broken up in the bag.

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“Half my food is broken up! It’s crap!” the woman exclaimed as she placed the items in the bag directly on the counter.

“I tried to call corporate. It’s closed. Your manager Jeremy didn’t give a f**k, just hung the phone up on me,” the man chimed in. “We want our money back. You don’t throw food in a bag just like that.”

At first, the female employee seemed a bit taken aback by the commotion as the man, continued to blast her manager for allegedly hanging up on him.

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Not long after, another staff member, supposedly the manager, showed up and outright denied the refund request and refused to remake the meal after the food has been tossed on the counter.

After the woman stormed off in anger, the male customer continued to let the manager have it, eventually prompting him to call the police because he refused to leave.

“I want my money back,” the angry customer repeated several times before eventually giving up. “About to file a lawsuit against f**king Taco Bell. Y’all think I’m joking? Watch.”

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Taco Bell StoreWikimedia Commons
All hell nearly broke loose at a Taco Bell.

It’s not clear if the man followed up on his threat and is taking legal action, but users who viewed the video couldn’t help but notice the messy state of the man’s car and compared it to the inside of his Taco Bell bag.

This isn’t the first time Taco Bell beef went viral on social media. Earlier this year, an angry customer slapped an employee who blew up his microwave reheating food.

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