‘Karen’ goes viral on TikTok after ruining perfect wedding photoshoot

Kawter Abed
Karen ruins wedding photo

A ‘Karen’ has been blasted in a viral TikTok video after ruining a perfect wedding photoshoot in Corfu.

Wedding photographer Duminciuc Bogdan tried to capture a shot of a newdlywed couple with an airplane flying above them in a TikTok video.

The photographer tried to take a picture of them kissing right when the plane was in the frame, however, a woman walking her dog ambled into the shot, ruining what would’ve been a stunning photo.

In the viral clip, which has amassed over 9.1 million views, the woman can be seen looking behind her at the camera lens, as the photographer is heard exclaiming: “Oh no, no, no.”

She then attempts to correct her gait, but by then it’s already too late. The photographer is then heard saying “Oh come on, come on,” as the woman continues to walk with her dog.

“I was trying to get a shot with the couple and the airplane and Karen here decided to ruin our shot,” the text over the video reads.

TikTok users react to ‘Karen’ ruining wedding photoshoot

Many TikTok users were frustrated with the woman for abruptly interrupting the newlyweds’ photoshoot.

“Could she not see that they were taking photos,” one user commented, along with a facepalm emoji.

“I always stop when I see someone taking a photo. It’s literally seconds of my life. But there’s Karen’s and Kevin’s everywhere,” another user added.

“People have never heard of common courtesy,” a third user shared. “People are so oblivious it makes me so mad like cmon lady,” a fourth user wrote.

Others defended the woman, noting that the photoshoot might’ve taken too long.

“To be fair, how long were they waiting for that plane to fly by while blocking the path?” one user questioned.

“Yeah, she was probably waiting for ages! can’t blame her,” another user commented. “Yea ngl if you’re taking photos on a busy area don’t expect everyone else to wait,” someone else wrote.

Previously, another ‘Karen’ went viral on TikTok for ruining a wedding. The woman was shouting at attendees while using a loud lawnmower during the entire event.

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