Kai Cenat wants Adin Ross to get more recognition

Theo Burman
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Kai Cenat said that he wanted Adin Ross to get more recognition for his contributions to the streaming community while watching the Streamer Awards.

Adin did not receive any awards or nominations at the awards, and did not attend the ceremony.

Kai, who won the Award for Streamer of the Year for the second time last week, brought up Adin while watching the event hosted by QTCinderella.

“You know what I wish though? Despite so much that has happened, and how people put him and sh*t, I just really wish that Adin would get some type of recognition.

“I understand how he looks and how everybody says sh*t about him. But are you not remembering the shift that he put into streaming?”

However, his chat appeared to disagree, with many watchers spamming negative messages when Kai brought up Adin.

Earlier this month, Kai made internet history by becoming the most-subscribed-to twitch streamer ever, with 300,000 subscribers, even securing an intervention from Drake.

What happened to Adin Ross?

Adin was recently banned from Twitch for violating the Terms of Service agreement. This may have contributed to him missing out on any nominations. He has since signed a new deal with the alternative streaming platform Kick.

This is his eighth ban from Twitch. At Kick, he has become one of the platform’s largest streamers, and has repeatedly said he plans on recruiting other big names to the platform to challenge Twitch.

The exact reasons for his ban are unconfirmed, though it is widely theorized that it was due to Adin using his stream to show adult content to viewers.

He recently streamed with Sneako and Destiny to discuss MoistCr1tikal and Andrew Tate.

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