Adin Ross and Sneako claim Andrew Tate allegations “debunked” in debate with Destiny

Sneako, Adin Ross, Destiny debateKick: Adin Ross

Streamers Adin Ross and Sneako teamed up to discuss Andrew Tate’s arrest and accusations of involvement sex trafficking with Destiny.

The pair had previously discussed Sneako’s fight with MoistCr1tikal, after the influencers clashed on Twitter and YouTube for several months.

Both Adin and Sneako have had a very public friendship with Andrew Tate, and cited him as an inspiration. This has caused controversy, particularly following Tate’s arrest.

Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan were arrested in Romania on December 30, 2022, as part of an investigation into human trafficking and organized crime. The pair are yet to be charged with any crime, but remain in custody as the investigation continues.

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Andrew Tate being walked into police building by guard in black jacketYouTube: On Demand News
Andrew Tate remains in Romanian custody after his detainment was extended multiple times

Adin and Sneako defend Andrew Tate in debate vs Destiny

The pair were discussing Andrew Tate and his relationship advice on stream first, disagreeing about his recommendation to lead women on, when Destiny joined.

Once Destiny joined the call, however, the pair quickly closed ranks, defending Tate on accusations of trying to recruit a Romanian politician’s daughter to a webcam business.

Sneako claimed that all the witnesses who had come forward in the legal cases against the Tates had been debunked, which Destiny strongly refuted.

The debate with Destiny starts at 26:35

After Destiny brought up allegations that Tristan Tate bragged about dating 15-year-olds, Adin countered: “That’s such a crazy thing to say.”

Sneako said: “You go from saying Tristan DMed a girl one time to ‘he’s trafficking women, he’s stealing her from countries, he’s stealing her passports and then all of that gets debunked.”

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At the time of writing, evidence is still being gathered by prosecutors and nothing has been debunked by legal teams.

Andrew Tate’s relationship advice

Adin and Sneako also had a disagreement on relationship advice that Andrew Tate had given him when they met in person, when Tate highlighted the potential of dating multiple women at once.

Adin said: “He was telling me I should have never broken up with my ex. I should have basically kept her in a relationship where I gave her affection here and there, and lead her on basically. I didn’t really agree with that.

“I genuinely believe that when it’s over and I lose feelings for someone, you shouldn’t really lead them on anymore. I think that’s when I think it’s time for us to go our separate ways, and I think that you should leave it at that.”

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However, Sneako disagreed, and argued that whether or not a man could date multiple people was down to testosterone levels.

“I think that if you have enough energy and time and resources to care for more than one woman, there’s no problem with that.”

The pair also took a break from the conversation to do some push-ups on stream.