Kai Cenat reveals insane earnings from NPC TikTok livestream in only one hour

Jacob Hale
Kai Cenat on stream and in TikTok Live NPC stream

Twitch star Kai Cenat has joined in on the NPC TikTok trend, and earned a crazy amount during just one hour of TikTok Live streaming.

The NPC trend is one that cropped up very suddenly on TikTok, but the biggest creators doing it have become viral sensations across the internet.

PinkyDoll is one of the leading NPCs on TikTok right now, making thousands of dollars every day and the voice behind the “ice cream so good” meme that has been all across social media.

Since then, a number of streamers have taken to TikTok Live to try their hand at NPC streams, including iShowSpeed and ExtraEmily.

Kai Cenat earns thousands in one-hour NPC stream

Kai Cenat is the latest name to join the trend, taking to TikTok Live for just one hour to be an NPC — and the rewards were certainly fruitful.

Showing his earnings on screen, Kai revealed that he earned $6,000 from his hour-long stream. He said: “We made $6000 sitting on our ass and going live on TikTok.”

The actual amount shown on screen was $5372.45, so a bit under $6000, but definitely nothing to complain about for an hour’s work.

With the NPC trend now reaching fever pitch, it will be interesting to see whether it really stands the test of time in the content world, or if it will die off as quickly as it came about.