Twitch streamer ExtraEmily joins NPC TikTok trend and fans are actually impressed

Alice Sjöberg
Extra Emily NPC trendExtraEmily/TikTok

Streamer ExtraEmily has shocked fans and other fellow streamers as she joins TikTok’s latest NPC live trend. And fans are stunned at how good at it she is.

A new trend is taking TikTok by storm, but not without weirding out users. In video games, NPCs are Non-Player-Characters that are not controlled by any human operative. They mostly regurgitate scripted lines giving tasks or information and work to make the world feel lived in.

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When taken out of video games, NPC streamers, most commonly found on TikTok, seemingly work to emulate the characteristics of video game NPCs primarily through repetitive actions and dialogue.

In July, 19-year-old TikToker Pinkydoll’s live went viral after repeating phrases on an apparent loop. But eagle-eyed viewers soon realized she was being paid using TikTok’s sticker function and the phrases corresponded to the stickers people paid for.

The trend has since continued to grow, with more and more creators joining in. One of these was TikToker Nerdywinter, who has since revealed the jaw-dropping sum she was paid after her first three-hour-long stream.

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Streamer ExtraEmily joins viral NPC trend on TikTok

One of the people who had their eyes opened to the new trend was streamer ExtraEmily, which Mizkif came across during a recent live stream.

As he was scrolling through his TikTok live on his stream, Mizkif came across Emily’s TikTok Live, where she was in the middle of an NPC stream.

During her live, Emily was seen reacting to the stickers that her viewers are sending to her, with each sticker having its unique reaction.

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Some of the reactions included “I’m a cowboy, yeehaw” while making lasso hand movements as the sticker placed a cowboy hat on her head, and the ice cream sticker making her say “ice cream so good, yum yum yum” while making matching hand motions to the sounds.

While watching the live, Mizkif made a note that the cowboy hat sticker was $20, while continuing to watch with a big smile on his face.

Fans are amazed at how good ExtraEmily is at NPCs

Mizkif’s comment section was soon filled with people expressing their amazement at how good Emily was at the NPC trend.

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One person wrote: “Bro she is perfect for this.”

Another said: “She’s way too good at this.”

“Holy sh*t she’s good,” a third said.

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