Kai Cenat denies “scamming” creative team providing content ideas for Twitch stream

Calum Patterson

Twitch streamer Kai Cenat has responded to claims that he “scammed” a group of individuals who had agreed to provide content ideas for his stream, primarily for his subathon. Kai said he was unaware of their work and did not use any of their ideas.

On May 25, Twitter user LC posted a thread with screenshots from a Discord channel in February, where they were offered the opportunity to provide content ideas for Kai’s subathon by someone working with Kai, known as Dremo.

Dremo said “I need a team of people who are serious about wanting to make something in the content space,” and “I’m 17 and projected to make 3.6m a year off internet money this year.”

After ideas were provided on a Google Sheet, Dremo asked the contributors to provide more, and said he would speak with Kai regarding payment, mentioning a “weekly pay out based on work done.”

However, months later in May, the contributors claimed they had still not been paid. In response, Dremo replied that “[Kai] is not paying y’all need to move on.”


Kai denies “scamming” accusations

On his stream, Kai read the Tweet and the messages. He said that he did recall Dremo telling him that he planned to start a creative team, but that he did not receive nor use any ideas from the group.

“On everything I love, I know I haven’t used any ideas,” he said. He went on to list all of the unique content ideas that were completed during his subathon, claiming that he had devised them himself.

“Listen, [LC], I feel bad. One, I got to see the list of ideas. Two, I feel bad for y’all, so I got to get down to the situation, get dremo’s side, get y’all side. And if y’all put work in, I’ll make sure y’all good. But chat, did I scam them? No!”

On Twitter, LC also shared a screenshot of the sheet with the list of ideas. Some of the ideas had been marked in green, possibly indicating they had been selected as potentially good for the stream.

However, LC also stated that Kai “used most of” the ideas given, but the ideas on the sheet shown do not match any of the content Kai listed on his subathon.

At the time of writing, Dremo has not responded to the situation.