Kaceytron defends Mizkif and Esfand after Twitch ban for ‘sexual jokes’

Calum Patterson
Twitch / Mizkif / Esfand

Twitch streamer Kacey ‘Kaceytron’ Caviness has sided with fellow streamers Esfand and Mizkif, after they were given a surprise ban on April 30 for making an “inappropriate joke” at a PAX East event in March.

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Fans of the popular streamers were initially perplexed by the bans, as there seemed to be no apparent reason, but Esfand later explained the situation in a TwitLonger.

He explained that He and Mizkif had been talking with another streamer, who was “getting in [Mizkif’s] face and telling him to call her “daddy”, basically ‘faux-dom behavior’ for the sake of humor.”

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Twitch / Esfand
Mizkif (left) and Esfand (seated) were banned for seven days on Twitch, seemingly out of the blue.

At one point, Mizkif shouted “she just sucked my dick!”, a comment they say was clearly made in jest, and that after the encounter neither streamer thought much of the situation. Days later, the streamer and Esfand cleared up the situation in private messages – at least Esfand believed it had been cleared up.

However, a legal team contacted Twitch about the incident, which resulted in both streamers receiving a seven day suspension – causing controversy in the community, with Kaceytron now weighing in.

“If you make a joke at someone that is sexual in nature you shouldn’t act surprised nor offended whenever they make a joke back”, Kaceytron posted, clearly referring the comments made by Mizkif and the anonymous streamer who reported them.

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Despite many fans and other community members siding with Mizkif, the streamer himself is not looking for any pity. He stated that Esfand’s explanation of the situation wasn’t the whole story.

“I said WAY more than just that,” Mizkif explained, “I was completely out of line and for the love of god please do not take it out on anyone. It was my fault. There’s VODs for it somewhere, it was not just one comment, it wasn’t just one phrase, it was WAY MORE.”

Both Esfand and Mizkif are currently awaiting the end of their seven day suspension, which will reportedly cost them thousands of dollars in missed income.