JustaMinx slams TikTok after receiving three permabans due to “mass reporting”

Virginia Glaze
justaminx pleads with tiktok to stop mass reporting harassment

Twitch streamer ‘JustaMinx’ is hitting out at TikTok, claiming that “mass reporting” from internet trolls has resulted in her getting permanently banned from the app three times.

JustaMinx is a comedic Irish streamer currently living in Los Angeles. Right now, she boasts two million followers on Twitch, which serves as her secondary social media platform of choice.

However, her TikTok account — where she has over 2.7 million followers — is currently undergoing some troubles due to what she claims is a “mass reporting” problem.

Minx uploaded a YouTube video on March 28 discussing the matter and begged TikTok to fix the issue, saying she’d been banned three times in the past month due to harassment.

JustaMinx banned on Twitch
JustaMinx is a popular Twitch streamer and TikToker with over four million followers combined on both platforms.

JustaMinx pleads with TikTok to solve “mass reporting” issue

“I’ve been permanently banned three times within the past month from TikTok,” she began. “Three permabans within one month. Usually, I put my hands up and I say I get it, okay, I’m not everyone’s favorite. I respect that.”

“But TikTok has [unjustly] banned me three times, because every time they unban me, they apologize,” she added. “It’s mass reporting. They need to fix this issue, man, because I applaud TikTok for being one of the few platforms where the discoverability is amazing. …But they’re also not great with the mass reporting system.”

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Minx claimed that she’d received an influx of hateful comments on certain videos prior to getting banned — some of which came from “a bunch of young children” with “Minecraft in their picture.”

This happened three times, most notably when she collaborated with fellow influencer Hannah Rose. Minx claimed she received such comments as “We have to Save Hannah,” “get away from her,” and “Hannah, why would you go down to this level?”

“Keep in mind, it’s not even suspensions,” Minx explained. “It’s not even a warning. It’s not even like a three-day suspension. They keep permabanning me!”

“If you’re commenting on my thing, even if it’s negative, you’re a fan of me,” she said toward the “crazy little fans” filling up her comments. “You’re taking time out of your day.”

Luckily, Minx’s TikTok account is back up and running at the time of writing. This is far from her first strange platform ban, too; she has also received two other bans from Twitch, receiving a notable suspension back in February for saying the word “cracker” on stream.