Corpse Husband and Ironmouse hit out at clickbait clip channels: “We’re not allowed to talk”

Ironmouse streaming with Corpse Husband's avatarCorpse Husband/ Twitch: Ironmouse

VTuber Ironmouse and popular faceless streamer Corpse Husband have criticized viewers who clip moments from their streams and take them out of context for views. 

For any fans hoping to catch a brilliant moment from a creator’s stream without watching their entire broadcast, clips can be a helpful time-saver.

However, some clippers take these moments out of context and manipulate a streamer’s words to pull in the views. On occasion leading to some serious situations for creators.

Now, Ironmouse and Corpse Husband have added their frustration, saying that the situation means that they “can’t say anything anymore” for fear of clickbait clip channels.

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Animation of Corpse Husband in a YouTube videoYouTube: AnthonyPadilla
Corpse Husband claimed that some information about his new single ‘life waster’ was taken out of context by a clipper.

Ironmouse and Corpse Husband on “weird” clippers

Corpse and Ironmouse were streaming together on June 4 when they discussed the topic of clippers who lift moments from their streams. After Ironmouse claimed that she takes everything that Corpse says as a “serious fact,” he joked that she was “talking like clipping channels.”

The comment sparked a conversation between the two as they shared their annoyance with “fast” clippers who create “weird stuff” from their content.

However, it’s not just clips from their streams that can suddenly appear online. The duo also shared how clippers also take content from their social media pages. As a result, they feel like they’re “not allowed to talk.”

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Corpse, for instance, shared how after debuting his new single ‘life saver’ he shared comments about the track on his alternative Twitter account which were then swiped by a clipper. His words were then manipulated as an ‘update’ about his health.

“I made a voice note that was up for maybe 30 minutes on my alt Twitter just talking about the song,” Corpse claimed. “They named it on YouTube ‘Corpse updates about his health problems.’ It has a hospital in the background and they put a caption saying ‘it’s getting worse’ […] How is this allowed?”

Clips do help fans keep in the loop with updates about their favorite streamer. Although, for Ironmouse and Corpse Husband, it’s left them afraid to talk in case their comments are manipulated to bait unknowing viewers.

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