JustAMinx leaves Girls Trip ‘Frat Night’ after bombing on table in bizarre scene

Sam Comrie
An image of twitch streamer justaminx

Twitch streamer JustaMinx abruptly left a ‘Frat Night’ event they were attending, after landing themselves into a strange beer pong incident.

JustaMinx’s popularity has increased tenfold over the course of the year. After winning her first influencer boxing match and joining the Envy content house, seemingly the only way is up.

Often seen collaborating with streamers such QTCinderealla or the Botez sisters, JustaMinx has left former stunned by their behavior at an event referred to as the ‘Frat Night’.

QT Cinderella shocked by JustaMinx’s behavior at Twitch ‘Frat Night’

Alongside streamers QT Cinderella and Maya Higa, JustaMinx attended the ‘Frat Night’ streaming event on August 15, 2022. The event was already touted to “hit different” according to QT Cinderella, who hyped up the event on social media.

However as the night progressed, JustaMinx’s behavior took a radical turn as she launched herself onto the group’s beer tong table.

Naturally, everyone present was left shocked by the streamer’s spontaneity and were unsure if they had hurt themselves.

Viewers quickly noticed that JustaMinx’s actions affected the stream itself too. Redditor billybob123123123 said: “afterwards you could see QT arguing with Minx in the background, then Minx leaving.”

“Now they are banning any mention of Minx in the chat” added the Redditor.

A screenshot captured by the Redditor displayed a significant amount of time-outs in the stream’s chat, making it impossible for anyone to give their opinion on the situation.

Other viewers have debated whether JustaMinx’s actions were valid, considering the nature of the Twitch event. Redditor’s such as cazzhmir said: “I mean I don’t know what the f*** they were expecting by throwing a ‘frat party’.”

Another sided with the streamer, adding that “poor minx” was “just trying to make content and they kick her out.”

Since the conclusion of the stream, there has been no official statement on the events from QT Cinderella, Maya Higa, or JustaMinx herself.