QTCinderella explains how JustAMinx cost her $50k by getting Streamer Awards party shut down

justaminx and qtcinderellaTwitch: JustAMinx, QTCinderella

QTCinderella has revealed that the Streamer Awards party got shut down by security, after streamer JustAMinx got so drunk that she became a safety hazard for others there and cause the whole party to be closed down — with $50k of QT’s money being thrown down the drain as a result.

The Streamer Awards have become a huge annual event, run by QTCinderella, and celebrate the very best that the livestreaming world has to offer.

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With top stars of Twitch taking home awards, such as Kai Cenat for Best Streamer and Kyedae for Best Valorant Streamer, it’s become a great way for fans to vote and show support for their favorite creators, as well as a good night for the streamers themselves.

Unfortunately, while the awards themselves were a success — despite some cancelations from people who couldn’t make it — the subsequent party was ruined as a drunk JustAMinx started to cause trouble at the venue, with an ambulance turning up and noise complaints being made by nearby residents.

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QTCinderella claims JustaMinx caused Streamer Awards party shutdown

As explained by QTCinderella herself, she told Minx she could attend the awards on the one condition that she wouldn’t drink, which the Irish streamer initially agreed to, but didn’t end up happening.

After being told that Minx would have to be removed by security, QT explained: “So they went to remove her but instead of just calling an Uber and leaving, she refused to leave then decided to drop down and no longer walk, becoming a deadweight and hitting her head.”

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This led to “the entire party getting shut down and me losing $50,000” due to a contract with the venue they’d booked for the party.

xQc went on to give his thoughts on the situation, saying that the people around Minx need to help her to stop drinking, as this is not the first time there have been incidents like these off the back of her alcohol usage.

“People try to help, but they don’t actually help,” he explained. “I’m not throwing people under the bus, I don’t know what really happened, this is just my perspective on people around Minx over the years. People will be like ‘Stop drinking,’ but they’re not actually helping at all.”

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Minx tweeted on her alt account the following day, saying that she had had “the worst seizure she’s had,” and that she was struggling to regain any memory.

In a follow-up tweet she said that she has had epilepsy since she was 9 years old, and also assumed that she would be allowed to drink at the afterparty, though now realizes that isn’t the case.

QTCinderella hits back at JustaMinx after Streamer Awards party gets shut down

QTCinderella has since responded to Minx’s tweet, where she claimed the streamer was drunk at the Awards ceremony and was nearly thrown out of the event for making attendees “uncomfortable” prior to the party.

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“You were drunk before the after party,” QT claimed. “I almost had you thrown out of the show because you were yelling and making everyone uncomfortable. Completely. I’ve tried everything with you. Rehab. Everything. I hope this is your rock bottom. Get help.”

QTCinderella calls out JustaMinx Twitter 1Twitter: jusaminx, QTCinderella

She also shared her DMs with Minx via Discord in a screenshot, where Minx “pinky swear[s]” she wouldn’t drink at the event.

QT Minx dmsTwitter: JustaMinx, QTCinderella

That’s not all; Minx uploaded photos of herself receiving an IV at the hospital, once again claiming she had a seizure after being “pushed over” at the party.

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“It’s obviously not an excuse for ruining the party, but I’m not lying about my epilepsy,” she wrote.

Justaminx posts hospital photos on twitter after streamer awards partyTwitter: justaminx

QTCinderella hit back at Minx’s post, claiming that Minx was lying about having a seizure and about being pushed.

“Minx, you did not have a seizure,” she hit back. “I was there the entire time. Also, no one pushed you. You’re just lying. This picture is from you getting liquids at the ER.”

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QTCinderella calls out JustaMinx amid streamer awards party dramaTwitter: QTCinderella

Minx later went live on Kick, where she claimed a doctor at Cedars-Sinai allegedly stated she did have a seizure. In a Tweet announcing her stream, Minx appeared to call QT a “dumb b*tch.”

Justaminx insults qt in tweetTwitter: justaminx

“I shouldn’t have drank,” she admitted in her stream. “It’s just a shame on my behalf.”

“Just to clarify, I did have a seizure. That was not a lie. I was in the hospital for it.”

Minx went on to state that she will return to Ireland to see her doctor for help with her seizures and is waiting to receive an invoice for the expense of the afterparty from QT.

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We’ll keep you updated as the situation continues to unfold right here on Dexerto.