JustAMinx admits she “needs to know when to stop” amid Streamer Awards drinking drama

JustAMinx on streamTwitch: JustaMinx

JustAMinx has returned to Twitch days after Streamer Awards host QTCinderella revealed how her intoxicated behavior led to a disastrous afterparty. While assuring fans she’s on the road to recovery, Minx admitted she does indeed struggle with alcohol and “needs to know when to stop drinking.”

While the 2023 Streamer Awards went off without a hitch, growing its viewership significantly from the previous year, what happened shortly after the show didn’t quite follow suit. With dozens of popular figures attending an official after party, JustAMinx quickly caused havoc with her excessive drinking.

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Host QTCinderella revealed she only let Minx attend on one condition: That the Irish streamer wouldn’t drink. That didn’t end up holding together, unfortunately, and before long, the party was shut down, an ambulance was called, and QT allegedly lost “$50,000 due to a contract with the venue.”

Despite the drama occurring in the public eye, QT has since admitted she regrets sharing those details and wished it went down in private. Now following up in her returning Twitch stream, weeks after having been banned for appearing drunk on the platform, Minx admitted her “borderline alcoholic” issues are a factor, but assured fans she’s on the right track moving forward.

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Upon returning to her home country and staying with her parents, Minx recounted how her mum in particular was concerned after hearing of the incident in LA. However, after arriving home, those concerns went out the window as Minx appeared just “fine.”

“I’m a bit f***ing upset at everything that went on, but yeah I’m fine,” Minx said.

“What I need to stop is, when I go to a party, I need to know when to stop drinking. When I start drinking… I know that it’s borderline alcoholic.”

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Seemingly working on herself ahead of an upcoming boxing match on KSI’s MF x DAZN series 006 event, Minx explained how she’s taking precautions due to complications with her drinking problem. In light of a recent alcohol-induced seizure, Minx is “getting checkups, getting an MRI scan, and getting all the blood tests.”

“For anyone saying don’t box because I had a seizure, please stop that. If the doctor says I can do it, online opinions don’t f***ing matter.”

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Back home with her family and getting the treatment she needs, Minx explained to fans that she’s on the path to recovery.

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