JustaMinx claims she was scammed $10,000 by “psych ward” in return Twitch stream

Justaminx returns to twitch scammed 10k psych wardTwitch: justaminx

Streamer ‘JustaMinx’ has returned to Twitch, claiming she was scammed out of $10,000 during her stay at a mental health facility while she was away from social media.

JustaMinx is a popular Irish Twitch streamer who has recently returned to the platform after a month-long social media hiatus.

Her break began after she was accused of “blackmailing” by fellow streamer toxxxicsupport in late September, who said that Minx had “essentially manipulated, [intimidated], and blackmailed me into being silent” after she was pressured to undress during a drinking game hosted at Minx’s home.

Although Minx was asleep during the time of the incident, toxxxicsupport claims that the streamer became “intimidating” afterwards and said she’d “protected [her] abuser friends” who had pressured her into exposing herself during the game.

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Minx left social media shortly thereafter, with only a short update being posted to her Twitter account saying the streamer had “decided to get help” for her mental wellbeing.

More recently, Minx has been active on social media, posting the occasional joke and photo to Twitter.

On October 23, Minx returned to Twitch with an update on her current situation, saying that she had been encouraged to stay at a “psych ward” that had “already been paid for” during her hiatus.

However, on her release date, she was asked to pony up a whopping $10,000 — something she clearly hadn’t expected to pay for.

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“I think there was a miscommunication by the girl who dropped me off there,” she explained. “She said that it was already paid for by one of my friends, but she must have heard wrong. But it wasn’t paid for. That s**t was expensive.”

Minx went on to say that her stay at the facility “wasn’t awful,” applauding the nurses employed there for how they handled patients.

JustaMinx issues apology during return Twitch stream

During her return stream, Minx also gave out an apology, saying she’d “hurt a lot of people.”

“It sucks because saying sorry isn’t enough, but there’s not really anything else that I can do to fix it,” the streamer said. “So, before we move on into streaming and going back to me, I do apologize for everything there. I did f**k up big time.”

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For now, it looks like Minx is getting back into streaming following the incident, which was just part of a larger dramatic saga that took over Twitch over the past month.