Jorge Garay returns to TikTok and addresses grooming scandal

Charlotte Colombo

Disgraced TikTok star JeyJey Gardi- real name Jorge Garay – has sensationally returned to the app four months after troubling allegations involving a minor. And it didn’t take long for the drama to follow.

Garay, the former partner of fellow internet personality Benji Krol, posted his first video on the platform since August yesterday. Lip syncing to the lyrics “I want to ruin your friendship, we should be lovers instead”, the video shifts between two different costumes.

When news concerning allegations involving Jorge and a minor broke, his TikTok following stood at 4.6 million. He now has 4 million followers exactly, meaning he has lost over half a million followers since these accusations came to light.

Along with the TikTok, Garay also uploaded a post to Instagram, captioning it as follows:

“Today I felt better enough to start posting again. For everyone who follows me and knows me, I promise that I’ve always tried to be the best and I can promise that hasn’t changed. I will always try to act my best and make it better for everyone. I apologized to everyone I had to. Thanks to everyone who didn’t spread hate. I’ll be answering in the comments questions about it all. I never stopped loving Benji and I never left him alone. I will try to explain my best. Sorry for making you all wait for so long.”

With many unimpressed fans taking Jorge up on his offer to answer questions, the internet personality also shed some light on his current relationship with Krol, who was also involved in the incident with the minor.

Saying that him and Benji were “still friends”, Garay said that they “talk everyday and help each other through everything.” He also admitted to fans that he did indeed send explicit photos of Krol to the minor without his permission.

When one fan noted that the things Benji described Jorge doing with the minor was “grooming”, Garay said in response: “I never asked him to do anything. He lied about his age. He asked me do things and wanted to involve Benji. Everything we did from what I knew was consensual. I never tried to take advantage of him in any way, so by definition it wasn’t.”

As another fan called him out on TikTok, saying: “Sir, you groomed a minor”, Jorge asserted that he is “not a groomer and not a p***ophile”.

“I did wrong stuff and apologized to who I had to,” Garay commented.

Benji Krol and Jorge Garay allegations

In August this year, a 15-year-old boy went public on social media accusing Krol and Garay of sending explicit Facetime screenshots of the two, who were 19 and 18 at the time.

“They took advantage of my friendship, and exploited and coerced me, a minor, into doing what they wanted for sexual pleasure,” the individual alleged via an anonymous Twitter account.

In response to the allegations, Krol said in an online statement that while the explicit FaceTime was true, he “told Jorge it was wrong and was very uncomfortable with it.”

He also claimed that only Garay “knew the full story” and that he left Krol’s home soon after the allegations emerged. In his own online statement, Jorge admitted to the FaceTimes and said that he had “manipulated” Krol alongside the minor.

He said: “I did sexually talk to the affected person and involved Benji without his permission as well as pressured him into it. I’m sorry to both,”

The minor and Krol have not yet commented publicly on Garay’s social media return.

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