Joe Rogan under fire for taking controversial medicine meant for horses

Hannah Van-de-Peer
Joe Rogan Ivermectin

Joe Rogan posted a video on September 1 saying he feels “great” after falling ill, revealing he’d used “livestock” drug Ivermectin among a “kitchen sink of meds” to self-treat. The FDA has said that using Ivermectin for this purpose can cause “serious harm.”

After previously dismissing traditional treatments, Joe Rogan stated that he self-medicated with Ivermectin.

The move has generated scathing criticism from some, but Joe explained in his video that he’s now feeling “great.”

The FDA warns against the ingestion of Ivermectin, but what actually is it?

joe rogan illness ivermectin
Joe claimed he felt “great” after taking a cocktail of medicines, including “a vitamin drip, antibodies and Ivermectin.”

Fans felt concerned for the podcast host

Some onlookers branded the move “controversial.” One user claimed that the purpose of use was “right there” on the box.

Other users mocked the host for “trusting his immune system” while taking “monoclonal antibodies.”

Radio producer Jack Schwartz posted Joe’s video and told his followers to “stop taking horse de-wormer.”

What is Ivermectin?

On May 3, the FDA published a document detailing how not to use the drug. In a warning to consumers, they stated that “using treatment that’s not approved by the FDA… can be very dangerous.” Ivermectin should not be used to lessen the effects of viruses.

Certain forms of Ivermectin are used to treat heartworm in animals. Other varieties are fit for human consumption, but should only be used for the authorized reasons. According to the FDA, “Ivermectin tablets are approved to treat people… with parasitic worms.” A lesser version, “topical Ivermectin,” may be used to treat “head lice and rosacea.”

They continue, “taking large doses of this drug is dangerous and can cause serious harm.” Pharmacies are currently reporting shortages of the drug, with around 88,000 prescriptions carried out a week.

Full FDA guidance on Ivermectin can be found on their website.

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