Joe Rogan says he “respects” Conor McGregor despite feud over drug testing

Joe Rogan in black shirt talking into mic next to Conor McGregor inside gymSpotify: Joe Rogan/Instagram: Conor McGregor

Joe Rogan showed some love to Conor McGregor on episode 1911 of the JRE podcast despite the pair getting into a bit of a viral spat recently. 

While he has his say on quite a number of topics, it’s not often that Joe Rogan finds himself in a heated feud with someone else for an extended period of time. 

Though, in late November, the podcast giant found himself in the crosshairs of UFC star Conor McGregor as the Irishman labeled him a “little fool” and mocked his commentary after Rogan had said that McGregor got smashed up in one of his fights. 

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The Notorious one went after Rogan again in December, seemingly accusing him of using steroids as he tweeted out photos of the JRE’s hosts physique at age 52. Though, he did delete them a few hours later.

Joe Rogan praises Conor McGregor’s UFC efforts

Rogan responded to those claims on his December 13 podcast with Stavros Halkias, as he laughed off McGregor’s posts by saying he’s “correct” with his insinuations. 

Well, during his December 15 podcast with Mark Boal, Rogan went a step further to bury the hatchet as he praised McGregor and other UFC fighters for stepping into the cage to fight. “They’re choosing to do something insanely difficult,” the UFC commentator said. 

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“The real great ones, I’ve got nothing but profound respect for. A guy like Conor McGregor, you would think on the surface he’s so crazy, he talks so much s*it… that’s an extraordinary human being. That’s a rare, one in X amount of million kind of people that can do what he does and talk the kind of sh*t he does and then get into an Octagon and f*ck people up.”

Rogan further praised McGregor as being “extraordinary” in both mind and body, pointing to the mind games he played with Jose Aldo back in 2015 as he shot to stardom in the UFC. 

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Though, it remains to be seen if the featherweight icon will reciprocate the love or if he’ll keep going in on Rogan.