Conor McGregor roasts Joe Rogan again in deleted Twitter rant

Conor McGregor calls out Joe Rogan in Twitter tiradeYouTube: PowerfulJRE, TheMacLife

MMA star Conor McGregor is taking more shots at Joe Rogan on Twitter after initially calling out the podcast host in a heated tirade just weeks earlier.

Joe Rogan is a popular podcast host for one of the most prominent online shows, ‘The Joe Rogan Podcast,’ on top of being a UFC color commentator, former TV host, and comedian.

Rogan has also participated in the martial arts, taking up taekwondo and karate as a teen. The host even won the US Open Championship taekwondo tournament and was a full-contact state champion for four years, later becoming an instructor for the sport.

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However, it doesn’t look like former UFC fighter and combat sports legend Conor McGregor is too impressed with Rogan’s rap sheet, according to a now-deleted Tweet he made lashing out at the comedian.

Conor McGregor lashes out at Joe Rogan on Twitter

“Joe looks like his p*ss melts his knickers,” the fighter wrote. “In the company that long and never took a fight @UFC. Oh, Taekwondo competition, call the cops, hahaha.”

McGregor attached two photos of Rogan to his post, showing the podcast host at the ages of 25 and 52 that showed off his muscular physique — appearing to insinuate that Rogan isn’t natty.

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McGregor deleted tweet copyTwitter: TheNotoriousMMA

This is far from the first time that McGregor has taken issue with Rogan and aired out his issues on Twitter; the fighter posted a 24-second tirade about Rogan on November 23, mocking his commentary and even labeling him a “little fool” in now-deleted posts.

Thus far, Rogan has yet to respond to McGregor’s comments — but fans are waiting with bated breath for his possible reply, as he hasn’t been shy of calling out his critics beforehand.

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McGregor seemingly calling out Rogan for purported steroid use follows another influencer coming clean about his own steroid usage, after the Liver King admitted to juicing despite attributing his physique to a more ‘natural’ lifestyle.

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