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Joe Rogan claims people downplay Jake Paul’s boxing skills because he’s a celebrity

Published: 7/May/2022 3:40 Updated: 7/May/2022 3:29

by Alex Tsiaoussidis


Joe Rogan praised Jake Paul’s boxing skills and claimed people would take him more seriously if he were a legitimate up-and-coming boxer rather than a YouTuber turned boxer.

Jake Paul has been a polarizing figure since he transitioned into boxing. People have accused him of avoiding fights against difficult opponents in favor of pursuing easier ones. They’ve even claimed he’s rigging fights.

There’s no denying that what he’s achieved so far is impressive. Not only is his record 5-0, but he’s also knocked out two UFC stars in Ben Askren and Tyron Woodley along the way.


Still, that hasn’t stopped people from downplaying his achievements. For that reason, Joe Rogan claimed that if he were a legitimate up-and-coming boxer without prior fame, people would take his achievements more seriously.

Jake Paul wins vs woodley
Amanda Westcott, SHOWTIME
Jake Paul is currently 5-0 in his boxing career.

First, Rogan claimed the challenge Jake laid down to boxing promoter Eddie Hearn — the one where he claimed he’d knock out any fighter under his management who has less than ten fights — absolutely rattled Hearn.

“What if Jake Paul knocks one of them out?” he said. “What if you get a guy that hasn’t been tested and maybe has some promise and maybe gets wrapped up in the hype and maybe gets a little nervous. This is his first chance at a big show.”


Then, he praised Jake’s knockout power, referring to his iconic knockout against Tyron Woodley in their rematch.

“Jake Paul can crack. One hundred percent. That knockout against Tyron Woodley is legit as f**k.”

In response to people saying that wasn’t a real test, Rogan asked them to “entertain the perspective” of a hypothetical situation where Jake Paul was a legitimate up-and-coming boxer rather than a YouTuber turned boxer.

“If Jake Paul wasn’t Jake Paul, if he wasn’t this YouTube guy, he was just a boxer — you see a boxer knock out the former UFC Welterweight Champion. Not just the former, but one of the best ever. You’d be like, ‘Have you seen this Jake Paul dude coming up? He’s for real!'”


The relevant part of the video starts at 1:13.

Rogan rounded off the conversation by praising Paul’s boxing skills once again.

“The feints, the foot movement, the way he lands shots. He fights like a boxer. He doesn’t fight like a guy trying to box in a celebrity boxing match.”

Paul hasn’t stepped in the ring since December 2021. However, he announced his return on May 2 and revealed that his next fight is locked in on August 13, although the opponent hasn’t been confirmed yet.