Joe Rogan explains why Jake Paul is a “better boxer” than brother Logan

joe-rogan-jake-paul-better-boxer-loganYouTube: JRE / IG: Logan Paul

Joe Rogan believes Jake Paul is a “better boxer” than his brother Logan, explaining that while Logan is more athletic, Jake has “legit power” — proven by the fact he knocked out Tyron Woodley.

Joe Rogan has had nothing but positive things to say about Jake Paul and Logan Paul.

Not only did he commend Jake for pulling off huge wins, but also admitted he was “blown away” by Logan’s WWE debut at WrestleMania 38.

However, when comparing the two in terms of their boxing skills, he believes Jake is the superior fighter, referring to The Problem Child’s knockout power, which he showcased by knocking out Ben Askren and Tyron Woodley.

Jake Paul in boxing sparring session with handwrapsInstagram: Jake Paul
Jake Paul is 5-0 in boxing with a bunch of KOs to his name.

“Him and his brother are f**king animals,” said Rogan. “I mean what they’ve been able to do is incredible. Jake Paul knocked out Tyron Woodley. Do you understand that? With one punch. That’s crazy, bro. 

Rogan reiterated how massive of an achievement that was, especially for a YouTuber-turned-boxer.

The fact that he knocked out one of the greatest UFC Welterweight Champions of all time with one punch is f**king bonkers.”

However, he had to draw the line between the two siblings — and Jake wins out when it comes to fighting power.

“He’s got the power out of the two of them,” Rogan explained. “Logan is a really good athlete but he’s not as good of a boxer. But Jake, on top of being a better boxer, he’s got legit power.”

Despite all the praise, though, Rogan thinks the second fight would have played out differently if Woodley had more time to prepare: “Tyron took it on just a few weeks notice. There’s no way he was conditioned for that fight.

“It would have been a different fight if Tyron had the time to prepare. I guarantee you. Because he would have more conditioning and more confidence to hit the gas. He didn’t have the conditioning you need to go into a hard fight.”