Joe Rogan mocks ongoing Spotify controversy in new stand-up comedy routine

Michael Gwilliam
Joe Rogan stand-up comedy routine mocks spotify

Joe Rogan is using his ongoing Spotify controversy in a new comedy routine, poking fun at critics accusing him of spreading “misinformation” on his podcast.

UFC commentator and podcast host Joe Rogan has come under fire recently for his controversial takes on the global health crisis along with accusations of racism.

While defenders of Joe have argued that his remarks were fine contextually, Rogan himself agreed to remove over 70 episodes of his show from Spotify.

Now, amid the drama, the Joe Rogan Experience host is reportedly using his time in the sun to his advantage by incorporating it into his latest stand-up comedy act.

Joe Rogan laughs off Spotify drama in stand-up act

According to TMZ, during Rogan’s February 8 act in Austin, Texas, the UFC commentator said he was disgusted when he saw video compilations of himself saying racist slurs.

“That was racist as f**k. Even to me! I’m me and I’m watching it saying, ‘Stop saying it!’ I put my cursor over the video and I’m like, ‘Four more minutes?!’” he reportedly told the crowd, who had their phones locked to prevent recordings.

“If you’re taking [health] advice from me, is that really my fault? What dumb s**t were you about to do when my stupid idea sounded better? ‘You know that dude who made people eat animal d*cks on TV? How does he feel about medicine?’ If you want my advice, don’t take my advice,” he said later on in the set.

Will Joe Rogan leave Spotify?

Despite the ongoing drama, Spotify seems intent on keeping JRE available on the platform, with its CEO Daniel Ek defending the host.

Meanwhile, Rumble, a free speech video site, offered Rogan $100m to get off Spotify and bring his show to their platform. It’s unknown if Joe has been in talks with them about switching, or if Spotify would even be willing to let him out of his existing contract.

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