JiDion wanted for criminal trespassing in Houston following prank video

Michael Gwilliam
jidion tresspasses in houston

JiDion has a warrant for his arrest in Houston for criminal trespassing after a YouTube prank video.

On April 10, popular YouTuber and banned Twitch streamer JiDion revealed that he has a warrant for his arrest in Houston after he filmed a video with fellow content creator ‘damii.’

In the video, JiDion and damii presented a college professor with a balloon, bear, and flowers for Valentine’s Day, but ended up causing quite a disruption in class.

Despite the professor trying to get the YouTubers to leave, the duo refused, even after being threatened with a call to the University of Houston Police Department.

JiDion wanted after criminal trespassing in YouTube prank

A few weeks after the incident, a case was filed in March and a warrant was issued.

However, this warrant could have some major issues for the YouTuber who actually lives in Houston and can’t exactly avoid the area.

“That’s where I live,” he explained to a fan who said he shouldn’t go to Houston ever again.

Damii, meanwhile, has continued to post videos to YouTube with his latest being posted just three days ago, so it’s unclear what legal predicament he is currently facing.

The case against JiDion is currently listed as inactive, which means that it’s yet to go to judgment due to the defendant either not being found or being unavailable.

This news comes just days after JiDion, Adin Ross and others were in Florida for UFC 287 and met with former US President Donald Trump.

JiDion has yet to share any other information about the case or what his plan will be, but it’s hardly the first time a YouTube prank backfired. Just recently, a creator was shot at the mall when he pranked a shopper at the food court.

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