JiDion gets arrested while streaming, asks police officer to pose for a thumbnail

JiDion arrested while live on InstagramInstagram: jidion_

Days after JiDion revealed he was wanted for criminal trespassing in Houston, the social media celeb has now been arrested. Streaming the moment it all went down, he even asked the police officer handcuffing him to pose for a thumbnail.

Six days ago YouTube star JiDion shared details on the aftermath of his latest prank video. While filming in Houston, his antics resulted in a warrant being issued for his arrest in the city as a result of criminal trespassing.

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Now on April 16, the divisive content creator has been tracked down and detained. Having been pulled over while driving through the area, JiDion began streaming on Instagram to document his arrest.

“I’m about to go to jail,” he said to more than 25,000 live viewers tuned in. “Can you call Lawyer Mark? I haven’t paid off my warrant yet. It’s f***ing ridiculous because I could have went yesterday but I wanted to make a video for you guys.”

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Stepping out of the vehicle as requested, the officer on duty reminded JiDion of his “active warrant” in the Harris County region of Texas. “I was just going to give you a warning,” he continued, “but they want to place a hold, so you’re going to have to come with me.”

Then being asked to “put [his] phone in [his] pocket,” the officer proceeded to handcuff JiDion before transporting him to the nearest holding facility. However, before the cuffs were locked in, the content creator took the opportunity to well, make some more content.

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“Is it cool if I get a thumbnail?” JiDion asked, before placing his phone down at the right angle to do just that. While the cuffs were placed around his wrists, he took the time to pose in multiple positions, many with the typical ‘shocked’ YouTube thumbnail reaction, all with the officer and the handcuffs both in frame.

“Can you do me a favor?” he asked again, now firmly handcuffed, to which the officer obliged. “Alright chat, I’m going to jail. See you boys later,” JiDion said before ending his Instagram broadcast.

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At the time of writing, it’s unclear where JiDion is being detained, nor for how long. But given his manager, Mams Taylor, was present during the stream, including when he asked to call their lawyer, there’s little doubt the issue will be rectified shortly.

After paying off the undisclosed amount for the arrest warrant, JiDion should once again be a free man and avoid any real jail time. So it’s safe to expect the content creator back online in a matter of hours, but we’ll keep you posted here as any further details emerge.

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