JiDion says he almost backed out of viral WNBA sleeping prank

Dylan Horetski

YouTube star JiDion revealed on the Flagrant podcast with Andrew Schulz that he almost backed out of doing the viral WNBA sleeping prank that got him banned from future games.

Over the last few years, JiDion has become quite popular on YouTube thanks to his viral prank videos that garner millions of views across social media.

His most recent prank involved him going to a women’s basketball event and acting like he was sleeping in courtside seats.

JiDion was promptly banned from “all NBA-related events,” and now he’s revealed that the prank almost didn’t happen in the first place.

JiDion almost backed out of viral WNBA sleeping prank

During an interview with Andrew Schulz on the Flagrant podcast, JiDion shared more information about his viral WNBA prank.

“I was at their game… I genuinely had a great time. I told my filmer, ‘Yeah, i’m not doing it,’ and I p**sied out. I was thinking about not doing it,” he said.

That is, until he talked to some of his friends and was convinced to grab his sleeping bag, pillow, and head out to his court side seats to do the video.

(Topic starts at 10:32)

“We did it. I did feel bad, [though],” he continued. “It was an asshole thing to do.”

The YouTuber also hit out at people who called him out after the prank went viral for being “misogynistic” since the prank happened at a WNBA event.

“Just cause you’re trolling a little bit doesn’t mean you hate women,” JiDion said.

It doesn’t appear that he’s going to be slowing down with his videos anytime soon, as JiDion’s YouTube channel is more popular than ever.

He’s even created his own YouTube series alongside star Niko Omilana called “The Biggest Menace,” although the finale took place earlier this year.