JiDion banned from all NBA related events for sleeping at WNBA game

Virginia Glaze

YouTube prankster JiDion got banned from “all NBA-related events” after catching some Z’s at a WNBA game in his latest high-profile sports prank.

JiDion is a prominent YouTuber who is best known for his over-the-top pranks, which sometimes take place at high-profile sporting events.

In the past, JiDion has been kicked out of athletic competitions like the US Open after getting a haircut while sitting courtside. (He also got a haircut while sitting courtside at an NBA game the year prior, although he didn’t get punished for this particular cosmetic kerfuffle.)

Although JiDion’s sporting pranks have seen him sitting on the sidelines, his latest practical joke saw him get in on the action — which caused him to get kicked out of the game, entirely.

On July 19, JiDion uploaded a prank video where he decided to troll players and fans at a WNBA game between the Minnesota Lynx and the Dallas Wings.

After complaining about the heat to a referee, the ball flew into the crowd — right where JiDion was sitting. He managed to retrieve the ball, but instead of giving it to a ref, he decided to attempt a jump shot… and failed.

(Topic begins at 4:50)

However, his stunt caused him to get kicked out of the game. A member of the arena’s staff led him away from the court and informed him that he wasn’t allowed to shoot the ball in a conversation that JiDion caught on tape.

“We will send you home tonight,” the staff member said. “You might get a trespass from the team. You should have not taken a shot during the game.”

JiDion fans spam WNBA Instagram account after YouTuber pulls off ‘sleeping’ prank

JiDion didn’t let this bring him down, though, and managed to attend another WNBA game in Los Angeles where he laid down on some courtside seats and took a nap – blanket, pillow, and all.

However, he ended up getting booted out of that game, as well – and subsequently banned from “all NBA-related events” by staff.

JiDion’s fanbase has seemingly taken to the comments section on the WNBA’s official Instagram account, as a result of his latest pranks, spamming sleeping emojis to match the title of JiDion’s video: “Don’t Sleep on the WNBA!”

JiDion’s fanbase is taking to the comments on the WNBA’s official Instagram account.

As previously stated, this is far from the first time JiDion’s antics have gotten him booted out of a sporting event — and it wouldn’t be the first time he’s been threatened with trespassing charges, either.

In fact, JiDion was charged with criminal trespassing back in April after his prank at a Texas University landed him in hot water with the law.

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