JiDion explains why he still wants KSI vs Ivan Nikolov fight to happen: “Let KSI beat his a**”

Virginia Glaze
Jidon explains why he wants ksi vs ivan nikolov fight to happen

YouTube star JiDion still wants KSI to take on Bulgarian boxer Ivan Nikolov after it was discovered the pro fighter had several racist tattoos.

Rapper, YouTuber, and budding boxer KSI shocked the internet on August 16 by revealing he was taking two fights in the same night for his highly-anticipated boxing event later this month.

Alongside his bout against British rapper ‘Swarmz,’ KSI said he’d also be fighting professional Bulgarian middleweight boxer Ivan Nikolov — but this ambitious dual-matchup wasn’t to last.

It wasn’t long before viewers pointed out several racist tattoos adorning Nikolov’s body, one of which read ‘white power’ across the boxer’s stomach in large lettering. Criticism was quick to follow, with netizens decrying KSI’s new opponent and urging the YouTuber to look elsewhere for another rival.

Nikolov released a statement amid the backlash, arguing that his tattoos had “absolutely no relevance to an outdated opinion and simply refer to my own belief in my strength and power as an athlete.”

However, Nikolov was apparently removed from the event merely a day later, with the boxer appearing to claim that DAZN had chosen to move forward without him. All advertisements for Nikolav have also been removed for the forthcoming fight.

Despite the backlash, popular YouTuber JiDion says that he still wants to see KSI fight Nikolov on August 27 — if only to see the Bulgarian boxer get his just deserts.

“I look at it like this, chat: Is he racist? Yeah. But me, personally? I think the funniest thing in the world would be seeing a racist get his a** beat. You know what I mean?” the YouTuber said.

“I know it’s always like, don’t give these people platforms or anything, and I completely agree with that, chat. But, I don’t know. What do you guys think? I think we should let KSI beat his a**.”

For now, it’s unclear if KSI will still go through with his ambitions of taking two fights in a single evening — but he’s got JiDion’s support either way, after the YouTuber became the first creator to sign to KSI and Logan Paul’s PRIME Squad in June.

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