KSI hilariously mocks Jake Paul & Joe Weller’s backyard boxing match

KSI, Jake Paul - YouTube

Popular YouTubers Jake Paul and Joe Weller threw down in a last-minute boxing match on March 23 – but their bout is earning some hilarious criticism from other creators in the space.

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YouTuber Olajide ‘KSI’ Olatunji uploaded a reaction to the match on March 29 after announcing the video two days prior, taking some scathing shots at both combatants in the process.

Although KSI felt that the entire match was set up as a “trap” to make Weller look bad from the beginning, he acknowledged that Paul threw a decent body shot near the bout’s end, which ultimately took Weller out – although he didn’t miss an opportunity to insult Jake in doing so.

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“Joe has literally just been embarrassed this whole video,” KSI said of the match. “Literally this whole video was just a Jake Paul ego-flex.”

KSI also roasted Paul’s diss track against Weller, calling the clip “embarrassing” due to Joe’s own role as a backup dancer in the video despite the diss track being against him.

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“Are you really going this low for clout?” KSI asked. “…Jake Paul is literally mugging off Joe Weller in front of his face, and Joe Weller is pointing at himself! …Joe, have some dignity, man.”

KSI even popped off on Jake after watching the diss track, claiming that he hated him more than his long-time rival Logan Paul – and even gave a possible peek at a fight with Jake in the future.

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“If I have to fuck up your big bro to get to you, Jake, then I’m fucking down, bro,” he said pointedly.

Jake Paul and Joe Weller made plans for an impromptu boxing match after Weller announced his seven-day trip to Los Angeles on March 18, leading to a quickly organized fight in Paul’s backyard.

Weller ultimately lost the bout after sustaining a well-placed body shot by Paul to the gut, prompting some fans to speculate that Jake had paid Weller off beforehand.

Despite the widespread criticism, Weller denied any accusations of taking money from Paul, claiming that he would “never take money to look bad and take a loss” in a self-deprecating Tweet on March 27.

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In the midst of the speculation, KSI confirmed that his rematch with Logan Paul is still a-go, despite previously shrugging off Logan in favor of Jake. 

While the fight was scheduled for November 2019, no further details for the rematch have yet been released.