KSI feud with Joe Weller ignites rematch speculation

KSI (Left), Joe Weller (right)YouTube: JJ Olatunji | Joe Weller

KSI got into a back-and-forth on Twitter with his first-ever boxing opponent Joe Weller by bringing up a poll from 2017.

Influencer boxing is proving to be a staggering success, with more and more events popping up as the years pass by.

This new form of entertainment is so successful that KSI and Logan Paul have reportedly earned more money than legends of UFC like Francis Ngannou.

The earliest example of this phenomenon is the KSI vs Joe Weller event that took place in 2018, planting the idea of YouTuber boxing in the heads of many of the internet’s top creators.

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Joe Weller ultimately lost to KSI and never fought again, but the two had a back-and-forth on Twitter recently. KSI posted a 2017 Twitter poll which showed 65% of voters believed Weller will win the aforementioned fight, with KSI captioning it “once upon a time.”

Joe Weller argues with KSI over Twitter

Joe Weller replied to KSI’s tweet the same day saying “How am I still so rent free in your head son.”

The two ex-rivals exchanged a couple of slightly aggressive tweets, sparking a heated debate in the replies in the process.

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The mention of Joe Weller must have resonated with KSI’s community, as the Tweet was viewed almost 8 million times at the time of writing.

Many took this as a sign of an upcoming rematch, as the replies are filled with comments like: “This fight needs to happen again for the culture,” or as another user plainly asks “Rematch?”

Joe Weller did not pick up the gauntlet again after that KSI fight in 2018, but a video on his channel called “My 8-Month Transformation” shows he’s still in excellent physical condition.

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