Austinshow shuts down Hasan’s England sketch during IRL stream

Hasan england tripTwitch: HasanAbi

100 Thieves Austinshow was fed up with Hasan during an IRL stream in England, so he had no choice but to shut him down with a hilarious response.

Hasan and Austinshow took a trip to England on Friday, July 8, 2022, with plans for two weeks of IRL content throughout both creators’ streams.

During their trip, they decided to visit Buckingham Palace — one of the homes of the Queen of England.

While visiting, Hasan began joking around by changing his voice while talking in a story-esque style… but was quickly shut down by Austin.

Austinshow shuts down Hasan during England stream

During the stream, the streamers were talking about how the country has evolved so much that tourists can hang out in front of the palace.

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Hasan then changed his voice and said: “Once a brutal monarchy that justified chattel slavery and the brutal colonial overrule of India and numerous other countries, now have become the powerless symbol of being c*cked to one of its former penal colonies: The United States of America.

“That’s right, here we are outside the gates of Buckingham Palace waiting for the Queen to come out.”

Austin quickly clapped back to Hasan: “Hasan… Hasan… Can we just enjoy the f*cking sights for a minute?”

Hasan and Austin traveling to England is just an example of the recent boom in IRL traveling streams. Offline TV and friends traveled to Japan on July 8, while Pokimane and Mizkif recently made their way to Korea on separate trips.

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