Jeffree Star finally opens up about “scary” car crash: “We almost lost our lives”

YouTube: Jeffree Star

Internet celebrity and makeup mogul Jeffree Star has released his first YouTube video after the frightening car crash in Wyoming that flipped his Rolls Royce three times on April 16.

Jeffree Star is one of YouTube’s biggest beauty influencers. Having founded his very own makeup company, Jeffree Star Cosmetics, as well as introducing several new business ventures — such as the Star Lounge — it’s safe to say he’s also one of YouTube’s most successful businessmen.

On April 16, during a drive through Wyoming with his best friend, Daniel, the unthinkable happened — Star’s jet black Rolls Royce hit a patch of black ice, causing the YouTuber to lose control and even flipping the vehicle three times.

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Fans were unaware of the crash until Star’s team posted a photo to Twitter, showing the influencer and his bestie holding hands in a hospital room.

Nearly a month later, Star has finally revealed exactly what went down during the time of the crash — as well as the grisly aftermath of the accident.

According to the YouTuber, his back was “partially broken,” with one of his vertebrae getting “fully crushed” as a result of the rollover crash. Star has to wear a back brace for the next five weeks, jokingly calling the medical equipment a “new accessory.”

Star also shared footage taken in the hospital, admitting that he and Daniel “almost lost their lives” despite remaining positive in spite of the dangerous situation.

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Jeffree and Daniel car crash hospitalYouTube: Jeffree Star
On May 18, Jeffree Star finally opened up about the car crash he was in with friend Daniel a month prior, revealing the full extent of his injuries.

“It was really, really, really f***ing scary,” Star said. “It was probably one of the scariest things that’s ever happened to me.”

That wasn’t the worst of it, though; Star revealed that he’d received a slew of hateful comments from people who claimed they wished he’d died in the crash after the hospital photo was shared online.

“So many of our supporters and family and friends, obviously, were so concerned, had so much empathy, but I think we won the Guinness Book of World Records of most people telling us they wished we would have died,” he claimed.

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Star also confirmed that he had not been speeding at the time of the crash, contrary to many other online allegations, and that his car had simply hit a patch of black ice and slid out of control.

Luckily, both Star and Daniel are safe and in good health — although Star’s internal wounds will take “months” to fully heal.