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Jeffree Star calls out Wish for selling “counterfeit” JSC palettes

Published: 7/Jun/2020 11:18

by Daniel Cleary


Beauty guru Jeffree Star has hit out at the online e-commerce platform Wish for allowing his brand to be used to promote counterfeit makeup cosmetics.

Jeffree Star has built a massive online following with over 18 million subscribers on YouTube for his beauty guides and entertaining makeup videos.

The popular YouTuber has also released his own line of cosmetics, ‘Jeffree Star Cosmetics’, which have been a massive hit, even collaborating with fellow creator Shane Dawson on one of his eyeshadow palettes, Conspiracy.

Jeffree Star, YouTube
Jeffree Star has hit out at Wish for selling fake JSC products.

Shortly after the release of his new collection on May 22, however, it was revealed that counterfeit products featuring his brand were being sold on Wish’s marketplace.


After discovering that even some of his photos were being used to promote these fake JSC palettes, Jeffree called on Wish to remove the listings from the site and to stop featuring them in their advertisements.

“Hey Wish can you please take down & stop promoting + selling counterfeit JSC palettes?” he asked, sharing an image of the product in a Wish Facebook ad.

Star said it was even worse that they had used his images to sell the fake palettes and that the ingredients used were probably “horrible”.

“And using my own images to sell it is so low. I don’t even wanna know what horrible ingredients are in these products,” he continued.


Wish has now responded to Jeffree’s claims, after much backlash from his fans, confirming that they are currently investigating the suspicious listings.

Star has also recently fired back at critics of his new make-up line after concerns were raised when he announced his new products would be titled the ‘Cremated Collection’.