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Japanese Twitch streamer explains why she hates the word “weeaboo”

Published: 6/Jan/2020 20:41

by Michael Gwilliam


Japanese Twitch streamer SAKURA Senpai voiced her anger at the word “weeaboo” during a January 6 broadcast.

Senpai, a variety streamer who speaks English and Japanese, wanted to share an important message to her viewers regarding the term which is often used to describe anime fans and enthusiasts of Japanese culture.

“I’m really angry about the word because if someone says ‘I love baseball’ or ‘I love basketball’ or ‘I love American football’ then no one judges you,” she said to begin her rant. “But if you say ‘I love anime,’ ‘I love Japan’ then some people make fun of you.”


For SAKURA, this was a double standard that needed to be addressed. “What’s the difference?” she asked her viewers, clearly annoyed at how people get judged by their peers for liking Japanese culture.

“If you like [inaudible] that’s okay. If you like Japan or something that’s bad? I don’t like it,” she continued. “Oh please, don’t be bad.”

The Twitch streamer also had some unique comments specifically for weeaboos who have negative views of their own countries while appearing to place Japan on a pedestal.

“Some weeaboo people look down at their country,” SAKURA observed. “Like, Japan is great, but other countries are not so great. That’s not true!”


It’s certainly a very interesting take for some, but it holds some weight. Many people are very impressed with Japan’s cleanliness upon visiting. For instance, famous Dragon Ball Z YouTuber Geekdom101 recently expressed how he was shocked at how there were no trash cans in sight yet there was no litter on the streets.

SAKURA added that while it’s true that Japan is stellar for anime, that’s not all there is to the country and its culture.

“If someone judges you, ignore it, okay?” the streamer added to conclude her message. “I love you guys.”

It was some good advice for the Twitch star and hopefully, that wisdom can propel her to great things in 2020. To begin the year, the verified user had 12,940 followers on the platform.