James Charles sued by former employee over “wrongful termination” and mistreatment

Instagram: James Charles

James Charles is being sued by a former employee for “wrongful termination” among several other accusations related to mistreatment and underpayment. 

Beauty influencer James Charles has found himself in hot water in recent weeks after he was accused several times of inappropriately texting underage fans, which even led to the demonetization of his YouTube channel and dismissal as host of YouTube’s “instant influencer.”

James’ troubles do not end there, with it recently coming to light that he is being sued by his former employee Kelly Rocklein who worked as his video editor and producer and has accused him of several instances of terrible treatment.

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James Charles YouTube ThumbnailYouTube / James Charles
James Charles has faced a number of accusations in the past few weeks.

Kelly recently posted a couple of cryptic tweets which lead many to dig into what was going on. She wrote: “Watching the same people who screwed me over massively end up in deep scandals isn’t news to me, it’s karmic debt,” which many people believed to be referring to accusations recently directed towards the beauty influencer.

She also tweeted “Won 1, going 2 for 2 because I’m all about Law and Order.” Kelly is also a former employee of Erika Costell, social media star and ex-girlfriend of Jake Paul, and it appears that Kelly and Erika were involved in another lawsuit regarding employee mistreatment earlier this year.

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Screenshots shared by various commentary channels have begun revealing the details of the lawsuit, in which “Wrongful termination” is cited as the primary case type.

Evidence collected by these channels also reveals that among the issues addressed include failure to pay all wages, disability discrimination, and failure to provide reasonable accommodation. Several other elements of the case address issues regarding overtime payment and overall poor treatment of Kelly as an employee without reasonable compensation.

Kelly alleged that she ended up working in two different job roles for James, which left her working 12 hours a day, almost 7 days a week, without any overtime pay and despite being promised a raise that never came to fruition.

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James’ former producer also claimed that she obtained a head injury, causing symptoms that she needed to go to a hospital for, meaning she was unable to work. She claimed that James told her she wasn’t dedicated enough to her job and fired her after she returned from medical leave.

According to the documents online, James appears to have denied all allegations and the case is not yet settled.

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