James Charles explains why he is cancelling his ‘SISTERS’ live tour

James Charles, Instagram / Twitter

It seemed like the skyrocketing career of young beauty YouTuber James Charles was over, after makeup guru Tati Westbrook published a slew of damaging claims against him in her viral “Bye Sister” video; while the tables have since turned, it doesn’t look like things are all sunshine and roses for Charles, after all.

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While Charles has since reclaimed his 15 million subscriber milestone, the YouTube star is putting a hold on one of his biggest projects of the year – his ‘SISTERS’ live tour, which has officially been canceled in wake of the drama.

Charles made the announcement in a ten-minute-long video on his Instagram story on Friday, May 24, calling the development a “tough decision.”

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James Charles, InstagramDespite regaining his major subscriber milestone, James Charles has chosen to cancel his SISTERS live tour in wake of his drama with YouTuber Tati Westbrook.

“The SISTERS tour is not being cancelled because I was ‘cancelled’,” Charles explained. “…the main reason I’m deciding to pull the plug on the tour is because the next few weeks and the next few months, honestly, I said that I wanted to take time for myself and to be with the people who love me, and to focus on things that make me really happy.”

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Despite the tour’s cancellation, Charles expressed an intense desire to create another live experience for his fans, claiming that the future tour would be “even more epic than before.”

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Charles’ decision to cancel his tour was met with mixed reactions from fans and critics alike, with some viewers expressing major disappointment at the news.

“In my opinion, your decision to cancel your SISTERS tour is very weak,” one concerned father wrote of the matter. “You caved. You gave into what made you.Your fans made you. our passion made you. You broke my daughter’s heart today and for that you lost what made you what you were.”

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“I love you so much and I completely respect your decision to cancel the tour, I’m just very sad, because I was looking forward to seeing you and it was my graduation present,” a fan Tweeted.

However, other fans hope that Charles will come back stronger at his next event – which he hinted might go international.