Kaceytron slams “racist” YouTuber stealing her content: “go and die”

Joe Craven

Popular Twitch streamer Kacey ‘Kaceytron’ Caviness did not hold back as she slammed a YouTuber who she claims was abusive towards her and stole her content. 

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Kaceytron boasts just under half a million followers on the streaming platform, with her content recently focusing on her weight loss journey. However, one YouTube channel, The Chronic Gamer, is allegedly targeting Kaceytron for her weight, among other things.

Caviness has accused the YouTuber of being homophobic and racist, as well as stealing her content and ‘restreaming’ it on YouTube.

YouTube: The Chronic Gamer
The Chronic Gamer is known for sending his fans to ‘troll’ servers.
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Kaceytron’s May 24 stream focused largely on the behavior of The Chronic Gamer, as she described to her fans how he was stealing her content and sending his fans over to abuse her, and her followers.

Encouraging her viewers to report his stream, she explained “some guy on YouTube is harassing me and restreaming my content. I’m just messaging YouTube and filing a DMCA report. Like you’re not gonna use me for content you disgusting fat incel, who hates gays and black people.”

The actions of both Kacey and her fans quickly resulted in The Chronic Gamer’s stream being taken down, much to the delight of the streamer herself.

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She then launched into a scathing tirade of the YouTuber: “It’s down? He’s down? Oh my god, finally. Oh my god, finally! Fuck you, you fat, disgusting, racist, homophobic piece of shit, go and die.” 

Kacey explained that YouTube does not allow any form of hate speech, arguing that his channel should be removed.

Kacey since clarified that she was not threatening the YouTuber – an action which violates Twitch’s terms of service and could see her end up with a ban – but merely that she was telling him to “go somewhere and die and leave me alone.” 

Chronic is yet to publicly respond, but his Twitter account was recently suspended.